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Looking to maximize your membership benefits? Then you’ll love what our premium upgrade options have to offer. Get nationwide access to our premier campgrounds and RV resorts, keep the fun going with longer stays, plan further ahead with extended booking windows, and much more!

  • 100+ RV Resorts & Campgrounds
  • Park to Park
  • 21 Day Stays
  • 120 Day or 180 Day Advance Reservations
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Upgrade Membership Options Elite Basic Elite Connections Adventure
All Thousand Trails Campgrounds
Advance Reservations 120 Days 180 Days 180 Days
21 Days in/Park-to-Park
Additional Non-High Use Weeks $29/Week 2 2 4
Holiday Reservations on File 1 1 2
Up to 50% Off Cabin Rentals
5 Cabin Week Rebates
10 Getaway Weeks
20% off Daily Rates
Family Benefits
RPI Gold
RPI Resort Connections
RPI Resort Connections Vacations
Option to Join Trails Collection
Option to Join Trails Collection Plus

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